• Types of Coverages Insurance Brokers Recommend For Restaurant Owners

    If you're in the planning stages of a new restaurant that you want to open, one of the things you can't neglect is having the right kind of insurance for your business. It's obvious that you will obtain fire insurance to protect your physical property, but there are some other lesser-known types of insurance that you may not be aware of that could be beneficial. So to help you open your restaurant with the assurance that you have full protection, here are some of the insurance coverages you must obtain.
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  • What Additional Benefits Can Accrue from Purchasing Fleet Insurance?

    Some fleet owners or managers may not be aware that they can get additional benefits when they purchase fleet insurance for their heavy trucks. As a result, they may not request for those "perks", losing out in the end. This article discusses some extra benefits that you may get from heavy motor insurance policies. Discounts for Long-term Agreements Some insurance companies offer generous discounts to fleet managers or owners who agree to have fleet insurance from that insurance company for an extended period, such as five years.
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