What Additional Benefits Can Accrue from Purchasing Fleet Insurance?

Posted on: 17 April 2015


Some fleet owners or managers may not be aware that they can get additional benefits when they purchase fleet insurance for their heavy trucks. As a result, they may not request for those "perks", losing out in the end. This article discusses some extra benefits that you may get from heavy motor insurance policies.

Discounts for Long-term Agreements

Some insurance companies offer generous discounts to fleet managers or owners who agree to have fleet insurance from that insurance company for an extended period, such as five years.

If you have done your homework well and you feel that the rates of this particular heavy motor insurance company are competitive and that it promptly settles claims, enter a long term insurance agreement with them so that you benefit from the discounts that they offer their long term clients. The reduced rates will boost your profits since you will have reduced the cost of getting insurance for your fleet so more money will remain in your pocket.

Driver Training to Manage Risks Better

Many insurance companies organize trainings for drivers of fleets that are insured with them. This training can take the form of refresher lessons to fine-tune their defensive driving skills so that they are better able to avoid collisions with errant motorists on the highway. Such training helps to keep your fleet on the road and there will be fewer delays to deliver clients' cargo due to a truck having been involved in an avoidable accident. You should therefore ask if your heavy motor insurance company has such trainings so that you enroll your drivers to attend the training sessions.

Low Claims Rebates

There are heavy motor insurance companies that give their fleet insurance policyholders some refunds if they do not file any claim or if the claims they file in a given year are very small (such as claims for replacing damaged taillights on trucks). These rebates can boost your income for that year. As you look for a company from which to buy your fleet insurance, identify those companies that offer insurance rebates and select one of them, as long as it meets your other requirements (such as competitive rates).

As you look for heavy motor insurance for your fleet of trucks, try to get the additional benefits discussed above. Get a company like Elders Insurance that can give you all those added benefits and you will have truly mastered the art of heavy motor insurance.